In March, The Trustees were delighted to be able to take Malcolm’s parents Molly and Cyril down to his “second home” in Avonmouth to meet his former client Pat Wood of Truffle Shuffle. Following completion of his new industrial building, in an incredibly thoughtful and poignant gesture, Pat has now installed two new official street signs, Malcolm Lane and Gunter Way.

Pat commented “I wasn’t sure how much of an accolade a road in Avonmouth would be, but as Andrew said, Malc’s family called it his spiritual home and it was on these previously unnamed roads that I met with Malc for the last time, Andrew feeding him tea through a straw from a Little Miss Princess mug I’d found for him!

Malc helped us buy the land in June 2016 (the day of the Brexit vote) and we finished the build just in time for him to see our vision come to life… a vision that Malc was instrumental in realising with us – we had no prior experience in property and even when he could hardly move, Malc was still regularly taking the Hardwick taxi to Avonmouth to check in on progress of my family’s life savings. What a total legend.