In 2018 Malcolm Gunter passed away from Motor Neurone Disease. In his memory, MGF has raised over £200,000 and provided support and grants for many local people living with and affected by MND.

Many​ of you will have known Malcolm, ​and ​maybe also his wife Penny​ and​ daughter Lottie, and many of you will have come across Malcolm during his long career in property.

Following his diagnosis Malcolm and his family approached their situation with great bravery and fortitude, but inevitably as the condition developed their circumstances and needs changed. Through the Foundation we are seeking to also assist and support others in a similar situation, and fund further research into MND. The Foundation will now continue in Malcolm’s memory.

100% of all monies raised will be utilised in supporting sufferers of MND with their physical and emotional needs, and research into the disease .

We have established The Malcolm Gunter Foundation to ensure appropriate oversight of donations and contributions and are grateful for any support you feel able to provide.

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The Foundation was set up under Trust in 2018 and has continued to provide practical support and financial assistance to people living with MND outside of their day to day direct medical needs, with the following objectives:

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    Specialist Medical Care

    To provide financial assistance to sufferers of MND to include specialist medical (including equipment) or nursing care;

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    Family Support

    To meet costs associated with practical, emotional or other support;

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    Support other MND sufferers

    To provide like support to other sufferers of MND and their families;

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    Grants for Research

    To make grants to charities involved in the field of research into MND or the support of people suffering from MND or their families;

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All of this would not be possible without the incredible support and generosity of our supporters.  It continues to amaze us the lengths that people will go to help those less fortunate and to cherish Malcolm’s extraordinary legacy.  These include Iron Man, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and running half marathons as well as very generous personal and group donations.

Fundraising Opportunities / Trustees

If you have any fundraising ideas or would like to discuss any aspects of the Foundation, its purpose, work or activities, please contact one of the trustees:

John Sisman
07920 806896

Matthew Moody
07720 349505

Olly Paine
07767 240854

Peter Walford
07795 960440

Mark Wilson
07946 433888